WestHaven Community Executive Director Report

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2022 Westhaven Community Report

“A Ministry of the Evangelical Free Church” strives to be a premier Christ-centered facility with an emphasis on each individual’s spiritual care. Westhaven Community is dedicated to providing our residents the highest practicable quality care and services that allows each individual to feel loved and comfortable in a clean, homelike environment. We offer a holistic approach in which each resident will be treated with dignity, respect and sensitivity to his/her individual needs as a whole person.

Our story began in 1912 with the construction of a small two story building. The Free Church in Boone donated the site, the local chamber of commerce contributed $5,000 and money was gathered from our churches. Today, over 100 years later we are thriving retirement community with a 100 bed nursing facility, an assisted living, and independent living apartments.

Our annual inspection with the Department of Inspections & Appeals was recently completed. This resulted in a deficiency free survey which places Westhaven Community within the top 5% of facilities nationwide regarding compliance with rules and regulations. There was also an infection and control audit completed due to new COVID regulations which resulted in no violations.

Pastor Bryan Latchaw continues to lead our spiritual mission of supporting our residents.  We also continue to support other ministries around the World.  Some of these include supporting 3 orphans in the Congo, the purchase of Bibles, EFCA Central district, ministries in Liberia and Guinea, etc.  In 2022 he recently completed a missions trip to Liberia and was able to share his experience with our residents.

The healthcare industry and in particular nursing facilities are experiencing a great deal of challenges. Beyond the numerous regulations and COVID requirements the industry faces unprecedented staffing challenges.  At Westhaven Community we continue to meet those challenges and succeed at a time where many are struggling. We are blessed to have some of the best and most loyal staff. We also continue to receive an abundance of support from the EFCA Central district, our community, and the families of those we provide care to on a daily basis.

Westhaven Community believes strongly in education and opportunities for growth with our employees. Scholarship opportunities are available for staff to develop and grow in their profession.

Here at Westhaven Community we take great pride in providing the best quality of care to our residents and their families. We have developed a great reputation for high standards of care, and we look to maintain and improve upon that within our local community. With God guiding us we will continue our mission and vision into the future.

Jordan Wineinger
WestHaven Community Executive Director

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