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Annual Report – Chaplain Bryan Latchaw

Located in Boone, IA, Westhaven Community “A ministry of the Evangelical Free Church” strives to be a premier Christ-centered facility with an emphasis on each individual’s spiritual, medical, social, dietary, emotional, and ‘family’ care needs. Westhaven Community is dedicated to providing our residents with the highest practicable quality care, support, and services that allow each individual to feel loved and comfortable in a clean home-like community-oriented environment. We offer a holistic approach in which each resident is treated with dignity, respect, and sensitivity.

The Chapel and spiritual cares ministry centers around the Biblical core values of loving God first and best and loving our neighbor as ourselves. The Bible is read and taught and the Good News is shared in most every setting of pastoral care. By God’s grace, I strive to offer all a Christlike presence in every setting.

Depending on covid protocols and rapidly changing healthcare considerations, I provide a chapel service each Sunday which includes Bible instruction and encouragement, music/singing, Scripture reading, recitation of Scripture and creeds, and prayer.  We also observe the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of each month.

Each week we offer spiritually-oriented opportunities for resident.  These include but are not limited to Bible studies, hymn-sings, prayer (individual and group), and Christ-centered DVD concerts.

On a daily basis, I am privileged to visit room to room engaging each resident through relational pastoral care.  These visits include many of the following elements:  conversations regarding spiritual matters, Bible reading, prayer, relational-based conversations and counseling, distribution of devotionals and prayer guides, singing, as well as learning about their background, family, hobbies, vocational history, heartaches, and regrets…and much more.

I make regular hospital visits to our residents and staff and have opportunities to officiate memorial services as needed. We hold an in-house memorial service each month to honor residents who have passed.

There is ample opportunity to provide relational pastoral care to the families of residents.

I am privileged to partner with area clergy as they minister to residents and/or their families. Several pastors provide monthly church services/devotionals and individual visits.  Pre-covid offered us opportunities for church groups to serve our residents in a variety of ways.  We are prayerful this may one day resume.

Over the years and as God provides, our Chapel Fund has supported over 70 missionaries, mission agencies, and charitable organizations as well as meeting individual needs of our employees and community.  These funds are provided solely by the sacrificial and generous giving of our residents.

God has opened many doors for pastoral care and counseling of our employees.  I have been privileged to officiate two weddings and provided premarital counseling for both couples.  I am  intentional in getting to know our staff and a pastoral presence for them is vitally necessary.

My wife and I have joined First Free and I am attending their men’s group, the men’s group at Water’s Edge in Ogden, IA and meet regularly with the EFCA pastor’s group in Ames. Each month I have lunch with Chaplains Mike and Dan Jordan to share ideas, encouragement, and resources.

2021 has been a year of opportunity and challenge.

Please pray for our residents, employees, managers, community, and Board.

There are many ways you and your church family can be involved in praying for and supporting Westhaven.  I would covet the opportunity to share more with you.  If you know of any families considering care for their loved ones, please do not hesitate to call. Also, please contact me if you have any questions.

Grateful for and humbled to serve and to be upheld by your continued prayers and support,


Bryan Latchaw

641-569-0661 (cell)

515-432-1393, ext. 244 (office)

[email protected]

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