Equipping Intensives

Equipping Intensives

March 8, 2022
11:00 AM  -  12:15 PM

Beyond the Mask: Ministry to Women in a Post-COVID World

Location: Courtyard Hall

Dr. Katie McCoy, Director of Women’s Ministry, Texas Baptists, Dallas, TX

Women’s ministries are navigating more than one kind of pandemic. Loneliness, isolation, and the need for meaningful community quietly plague women in, and out of, the church. Discover how your ministry can respond to the personal and cultural issues women face and how to cultivate an intentional, intergenerational ministry to women.

Helping Your Congregation Find Healing from Emotional and Spiritual Trauma

Location: West Central Station

Karl Vaters, Teaching Pastor, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Orange County, CA, author of four books, and provider of resources for Helping Small Churches Thrive at karlvaters.com.

Because of the pandemic and its lockdowns, the entire world has shared a traumatic experience for the first time since World War 2. Thankfully, God gave us a way to recover and heal from it. In this session, Karl looks at trauma from the standpoints of faith and brain-science. These principles help us recover and find health, not just as churches but as leaders.

Seasons of Marriage

Location: C5/6/7

Quintin & Ruth Stieff, Valley Church, West Des Moines, IA

Spring, summer, fall, winter… and then spring again. Ponderings on how we’ve navigated through these seasons, and how God sustains and renews us through each of them with his love, strength, wisdom, and peace. “I am not telling you it will be easy. I’m telling you it will be worth it. “ Quintin and Ruth have been partners in marriage, family and ministry for thirty-eight years.

Resisting Gossip Together: Cultivating a Gossip-Resistant Church

Location: East Central Station

Pastor Matt Mitchell, Lead Pastor, Lanse EFC, Lanse, PA; Author of Resisting Gossip

Loose lips sink fellowships. Sinful gossip undermines the health and unity of a local church. How can leaders foster a church culture marked by holy and edifying speech? How do we keep gossip from creeping into our prayer ministries? How should church leaders respond when they find themselves the victims of a whisper campaign? In this workshop, we will consider 10 key principles for cultivating a life-giving community of gossip-resistant disciples.

Be a Light by Being Ready: Your Church Financially Prepared for Pastoral Transition

Location: Northpoint

DeAnn Thompson, Grace EFC in Huxley and Financial Advisor with Edward Jones

Let’s face it, not every church is financially prepared to lose its pastor. Or better yet, prepared to send off its pastor in a way that blesses the church, the pastor and the community. We will talk about steps your church can take now to be a light to your church family and community when the time comes. DeAnn brings a wealth of experience and wisdom from thirty plus years of working with pastors and churches as a financial advisor.

3 Keys for Building a Grace-Driven Culture

Student Ministries

Jeremy Carr, Lead Pastor, NorthPoint Church, Johnston, IA

Leading, preaching, and addressing hard issues have been filled with a lot of landmines in the past couple years. How do we as ministry leaders handle this all with grace? How do we perpetuate a grace-filled culture? And how do we just plain keep going? Join Jeremy Carr, Lead Pastor at NorthPoint Church, as he encourages us to keep leading, preaching, and addressing controversial issues with grace & truth. Jeremy has been Lead Pastor at NorthPoint since 2014. The church’s mission is to cultivate communities of grace & truth. Jeremy’s heart is to bring the Gospel to bear on every aspect of life and culture.

Soaring Between Pastors

Location: C 2

Tom Harris, President of Interim Pastor Ministries

Nothing is more disorienting than when a pastor leaves, no matter the circumstances. Often congregations feel defeated. Some get mired in conflict. Attendance might even decline. And worse of all, church can lose sight of their mission. In this workshop, Interim Pastor Ministries, President, Tom Harris offers practical steps for strengthening your church during the interim period between pastors. Your church can move forward confidently after your pastor resigns – and even soar. This workshop is for pastors and church leaders to gain wisdom to effectively navigate and optimize the transition season. It is also for pastors who want to catch a vision and possibly follow the calling of transforming churches as an Intentional Interim Pastor.

Living Well: Growing in the Art of Self-Leadership

Location: C 10

Larry Austin and Paul Bauman, EFCA Central District

Where do you need to grow as a servant-leader? How are you growing? We’ll look at five facets of growth as a leader, focusing on the often neglected and misunderstood art of self-leadership—the key to flourishing in all facets of leadership. Living well=leading well. You’ll leave with a vision, tools and next steps to take in your personal leadership development journey.

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