Equipping Intensives

Equipping Intensives

March 7, 2022
1:30 PM  -  2:45 PM

The Beating Heart of Orthodoxy

Courtyard Hall

Trevin Wax, Vice President of Research and Resource Development, North American Mission Board

In this session, we examine two ways of reacting to cultural controversy and opposition: turning inward and becoming the “faithful few” or seeking to accommodate the world as the “always adapting.” We will explore a better way—the “missionary encounter” we must have with the world, and the importance of humble confidence in the goodness and beauty of Christian truth.

Three Ways a Small Church Can Be an Effective Church

West Central Station

Karl Vaters, Teaching Pastor, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Orange County, CA, author of four books, and provider of resources for Helping Small Churches Thrive at karlvaters.com.

Yes, small churches can be strong, healthy and effective. In this session we’ll look at three main principles: 1) Realize you can be effective; 2) Discover how small churches function differently from small churches; 3) Understand and use the unique DNA of your small church for God’s glory.

Resilience: Leading for the Long Haul


Quintin Stieff—Lead Pastor of Valley Church, West Des Moines, IA

Traits, best practices, and rhythms that will help you go the distance in faithfulness and joy. You can avoid (and recover) from burnout, over-busyness, and leadership fatigue. Lessons learned in over 35 years of pastoral leadership (31 at Valley Church).

Resisting Gossip: Winning the War of the Wagging Tongue

East Central Station

Pastor Matt Mitchell, Lead Pastor, Lanse EFC, Lanse, PA; Author of Resisting Gossip

What, exactly, is gossip? Why do we do it? How do we stop? Life-giving churches are led by men and women who are healthy examples of discretion in interpersonal communication. In this interactive seminar, we will learn to recognize, resist, and respond to the sin of gossip in our own lives and to fill our mouths and ears with life-giving words.

Cooperating with Jesus in Building an Everyday Disciple-Making Culture in Women’s Ministry

C 2

Samantha Frykholm—Women’s Director, Harvest EFC, Story City, IA

Disciple-making—a command, a privilege and a joy! In our busy culture it is imperative we consider how to engage women with the challenge of disciple-making. We will consider questions like “What is the role of events? What is difference between Bible studies and disciple making? How can we make disciple-making approachable for any woman? We’ll also discuss key components of disciple-making and cooperating with the Lord in what He is doing in developing that disciple-making culture around you.

An All-People Roundtable: Embracing the New Samaria

Student Ministries

Brad Wos, EFCA Central Multicultural Director & Acts 13 Multicultural Team

This will be a round table discussion of Dr. Alex Mandes (EFCA All Peoples Director) new book Embracing the New Samaria. All participants will receive a copy of the book. Discussion will be led by special guests including Pastor George Tluanga, our Burmese church planting director who was the President of the EFC in Myanmar Burma. Updates will also be provided on Afghan refugee Ministry, English as second language, faith and work initiatives, and special needs ministry.

Healthy Ministry Transitions

C 10

Panel Discussion featuring Randy Scheil, Brandon Levering and Jamie Jonas from Stonebridge Church and others from churches that have successfully navigated pastoral transitions and succession.

One of the most important seasons in the life of a church is a pastoral transition. We often hear sad accounts of conflict and pain. How might a pastor and board approach this time with hope, giving an opportunity for a congregation to flourish rather than to flounder? This panel will have pastors and church leaders from congregations who have recently experienced healthy ministry transitions. Come with your questions. Let’s grow in our skills at leading change effectively.

Go and Tell Evangelism Workshop


Jim Halstead, Founder and Pastor of Go & Tell Ministries, Ft. Wayne, IN

The Go & Tell Evangelism Workshop is an easy and practical way to equip you to share the gospel with others. This interactive seminar will provide you with the tools to “be active in sharing your faith so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.” (Philemon 6) Go & Tell Ministries seeks to equip the church to delight in God, declare the gospel, and disciple others.

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