Mobile Help

App Help

Greetings and thank you for using the EFCA Central Leadership Conference Mobile App!

Hopefully you will find the app easy to use… please contact the developer at: [email protected] for feedback or assistance.

The menu is found by touching the navigation button in the upper left corner of the screen:

If you happen to open a website or app page outside this app (for instance, if you select the Conference Website menu item), you can return to the app as follows:

  • Apple: In the upper left corner of your screen should be a “back” link that may look something like this:
  • Android: The device “back” button (usually a triangle pointing left) should take you back

In some circumstances you may find this technique is not available to you, in which case you will need to reopen the app.

We will add more content to this help information as needed… your feedback will help!  Contact us at: [email protected].

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