Exhibitor/Display Information

2021 EFCA Central Leadership Conference

March 8-9, 2021 

Involvement as an Exhibitor at the EFCA Central Leadership Conference will enable you to:

  • Display your promotional materials in a setting where they will be seen by both decision making church lay-leaders and influential pastors.
  • Interact at your display area with pastors and church lay-leaders who may need your services
  • Listen to featured speakers and attend educational seminars that impact your area of ministry
  • Maximize personal interaction with those you seek to serve at luncheons and banquets

The EFCA Central Leadership Conference is the largest annual gathering of pastors and lay people of the 151 various Evangelical Free Churches, projects and plants in Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and SE South Dakota. These participants look forward to the opportunity to learn of the various services and ministries you can provide for them as they seek to “multiply healthy churches among all people.” We normally have 275 to 300 registered attendees. Due to the pandemic we are limited to 200 attendees,

Information for and Expectations of our Exhibitors:

  • Display Location: Exhibitors will be assigned a display space based upon requested location by the date received and the following preferences
  • Display Information: You will be able to make a request for a table up to eight feet long; to be near to an outlet or you can provide your own table and set-up.
  • Set Up: You can set up after 6:00 am on Monday, March 8th. Onsite registration for the conference itself will begin at 7:30 am on Monday, March 8th.
  • Tear Down: Your display teardown must be completed by 3:00 pm on Tuesday, March 9th.
  • Application: An application form may be downloaded (link) and must be filled out and mailed in with payment. You can also apply and pay online at https://efcacentralconference.org/exhibitor-registration/.
  • Registration and Exhibitor Fee: The registration fee for one person and for your booth is $225.00. This provides admittance to all plenary sessions and other events plus all meals. Additional staff who you may wish to have work at your booth must register at the special exhibitor rate of $100 each. Meals are included. Contact Rhonda with further questions.
  • Food/Promotional Items: You are permitted to give away any promotional items or food/candy that you desire from your booth.
  • Purpose: The purpose of the conference is to serve our pastors and church lay leaders. Exhibitors will be accepted based on how your ministry can help serve our churches and our mission.
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